Mauricio Leyton


contact: - 646-245-7464 - manager: TsuTsu Stanton - 212-989-3424

hair: black, eyes: brown, height: 5'10", weight: 190
Adela Says Ramón Teatro IATI New York
Frost/Nixon Manolo Sanchez Arkansas Repertory Theatre Little Rock
El Sexo del Che Che Guevara Teatro IFT Buenos Aires
The Love of Brothers Rogelio Theater for the New City New York
Life could be un Sueño Silverio Teatro La Tea New York
Maintain Neutrality Doctor Rios Around the Block Theater New York
El Super Cuco Park Theater Union City, NJ
Floating Home Father Al Hudson County One Acts Festival Hoboken, NJ
Black Henry Ferdinand Magellan New Georges Space New York
Heresy Rodriguez Matos HERE Arts Center New York
Yerma Juan Tisch NYU School of Arts New York
Una Reunion Familiar (Spanish) Roberto The National Arts Club New York
O Protetor Armando Goldberg Theatre, NYU New York
Who Made Robert de Niro King of America? Red Russo John Houseman Theatre New York
'Twas Brillig Bob Kalmus John Houseman Theatre New York
Corpus Christi Thaddeus/Barabbas Fast Lane Theatre Asbury Park, NJ
The Mound Builders Prof. August Howe Mary MacArthur Theatre New York
A Lie of the Mind Baylor Mary MacArthur Theatre New York
Apartment 3A Dal/Tony Theater 22 New York
North Shore Fish Porker Lester Martin Theatre New York
Sic Gloria Tantric Sanjit Mansion Theater New York
A Palm Tree in a Rose Garden Charlie Mary MacArthur Theatre New York
Film:    (director)  
Christian - The Film Frank Ko-Rely Pi New York
The Dealer Paul Luigi Campi New York
Arianna Orlando Mauricio Leiva-Cock New York
A Letter to my Father Frank Dale Arroyo New York
Modern Geisha Sal Robert Calderone New York
Speak Now (Wedding Daze) Counter Man Greg Astor New York
Burning Red Man Julissa Carmona New York
Bank of America (national, 2010) Dad Joaquin Back-Asay, director New York
Humalog husband Grey Advertising New York
Family reenactment Dad Maury Povich Show Stamford, CT
New York Flamenco Festival Emcee New York City Center New York
History Channel, Eva Peron doc. Juan Peron Stan Drogati, director New York
Hotel Union Workers NY Industrial Juan Pam Scott, director New York
Revolucion Latina, Shakespeare class (3 terms) Ian Hersey New York
Michael Howard Studios, Voice & Shakespeare's Heightened Language Patsy Rodenburg New York
Private studio Alice Spivak New York
School for Film and Television, Scene Study, Elements of Film, Commercial Course

Julia Carey, Rawleigh Moreland

New York
Spiral Theatre Company Company member New York
American Academy of Dramatic Arts Evening program, 2 years New York
Other Skills:
Fluent in Spanish, Latin dancing, horseback riding western-style, rugby, basketball, cooking, computer skills, good interpersonal skills, current passport, current driver's license (drive stick or automatic)


Mauricio Leyton acting resume